365 Days to Financial Freedom

I’ve decided to document my family’s journey toward “financial freedom” every day for 1 year. Starting today, October 26th, 2009.

Our Story:

My husband, Luke and I are 28 years old, we have 1 little darling 19 month old daughter, Sydney, and, like many families, we have managed to land ourselves smack in the middle of the typical American debt trap. My husband built our house, and is just now getting around to finishing his bachelor’s degree as a full time student. We have a mortgage that is more than we can afford (about 1/2 our NET income – yikes! I can’t believe I am publicly saying that). Plus we have a car loan, and childcare expenses and health insurance and car insurance and I suppose we have to eat too right? Not to mention we would like to have fun on a rare occasion. Up until this point, I have felt little control or power over the situation, so as such, we’ve let it go and aren’t managing any of it well. I work full time as a web producer and also work as a consultant on the side, and I would love one day to have a little more time for being a mother! Well, we’ve woken up and we are committed to actively taking the power back and managing our life.

I’ve set the stage for the need for this financial transformation, and my husband and I are ready to take the journey. My hopes for this blog are simple: to document our journey, publicly, for both our own growth as well as perhaps for others to find and learn from our trials and tribulations as well.

There are many gurus out there. There are many many guides to follow. We have been in a recession for a long time and many of us are doubtful of the true options and opportunities available. Its not the get rich quick time of the dot-com era, but there have got to be options out there.

So, I’m taking a new approach. I’m showing you our daily journey, and I’ll document the results both positive and the mistakes as we go. I am not hoping to “get rich quick”. I’m simply hoping to come up with strategies that help our family live a life that makes us more comfortable. I want to set us up for a future that does not make us feel like we are drowning.

The topics I plan to document include our journey with: Money Management (and management tools), Passive Income Ideas and Development, Affiliate Marketing, Selling a Home, Search Engine Optimization and Advertising, Writing for web and books, and we’ll see what else as we go along.

Day 1:

I’ve already got a lot to say to catch up on what we’ve been thinking, but I’ll keep it to the point for today. I wrote a list of some of the key answers to the question: “What do I want?” Here are my answers in no particular order:

  • I want to be FREE to move my life forward
  • I want to get my POWER back
  • I want to WRITE
  • I want to LOVE what I do for a job
  • I want to feel comfortable and at PEACE
  • I want to take CONTROL of my own destiny
  • I want to spend more QUALITY time with my family and activities I want to do
  • I want to find SUSTAINABLE happiness
  • I want to live an INTENTIONAL life

It’s amazing for me how these answers clarify what I need to do: I have to figure out steps towards more financial freedom.

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