Top Free Online Budgeting Money Management Tools

Review of the Best Auto – Import Online Money Management Tools

I signed up and tried out various online money management tools that manage your finances. Here’s the list of the top 4 reviewed and my main criteria for my decision. (You have to use online banking to use these tools!)

My main criteria are:

  1. Free
  2. Import majority of my financial accounts automatically (no upload, manual, etc)
  3. Easy to use, simple interface
  4. Easy to interpret budgeting
  5. Doesn’t require a lot of manual work to sort through the categories

Top Free Personal Finance Sites that Import (Almost) All Accounts:

A note on a few other popular tools: Geezeo is now only for private Financial Institutions and Wesabe look great, but won’t auto import my credit union accounts (bummer!)

Update: I’ve been using a combination of Mint and Thrive for a while now. Great start, but I’m going to be on the look out for another budgeting tool. Neither of these give me all that I want for setting easy budgets.

One thought on “Top Free Online Budgeting Money Management Tools

  1. Thrive has been shut down by Lending Tree. I also had been using Mint and Thrive. Thrive gave me better financial goal setting options. With that gone, I guess it will be excel or something similar! Drat!

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