Shopaholic? Put a Halt to Retail Therapy

Day 4: Curbing my Spending Habits

Sometimes it feels like you can’t help it. Even if you aren’t a shopaholic its nearly impossible not to get a growing list of retail subscription emails that are sent to you letting you know about the latest deal and discount. For some reason, they really work on me. Especially emails. You’ll give me 10 free pictures? Wow! I’m in. Even though that equates to about $1.00, I get sold. And then of course you end up wanting to buy more. I’ve gotten really good at it. I’ve got the Firefox plugin for cash back through I look on for coupon codes.

I have moved towards online shopping so much since I had a baby. I don’t have to worry about running after a toddler, I just click away at my convenience after she’s in bed.  And often I only bite with the free shipping offers. I’ve got the whole thing figured out, right?

I have a good thing going with my online shopping skills. But its getting me nowhere fast financially. I don’t go crazy either. I’m pretty thrifty. But I need to get it down to absolute minimal and get my lifestyle to do a 180 before I will continue my online shopping habits.

I’ve heard that you need to change your mind, not ‘cut up your credit cards.’ I’m not cutting the credit cards, but for me, there are certain habits that I want to change, that I know I need a little help with at the beginning until I am sure that my mind has the will power that it needs. So, for today…

Step 2 Toward Financial Freedom: No More Retail Therapy

  • Unsubscribe from all retail email deals
  • Remove credit card # from PayPal (this kills me! It’s much too easy to shop if your credit card number is stored online)
  • No more bigcrumbs or coupon discounts. Sigh.

This is temporary right? 🙂 I may struggle with this one.

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