Review of Free Online Password Storage Tools:

Review of Free Online Password Tool offers the ability to save important website addresses, WiFi network information, computer logins, Network Logins and an Other category. It allows tagging to be able to easily find your information. It also allows access for additional users that you trust. They have a lot of safety measures in place including secure logins and password verification.
Rating: ★★★½☆


  • Easy navigation, simple, clean design
  • Free
  • Offers “enhanced security” for your cell phone (possible cell phone charges, but free for Mitto use)
  • Many security measures (detail below)
  • Allows “auto-login” for many top retail and popular websites (Amazon, Target, etc)
  • Adds a browser plugin or ‘bookmarklet’ for easy access to top sites that you login to


  • Can’t print information (Update: Mitto’s CEO informed me that a secure version of this will be available soon)
  • Mainly limited to passwords (not other personal data or info)
  • Folder based categories would be a nice addition to the tags
  • Slow loading for me from my home computer

There are many very innovative security features with These include:

  • Multifactor authentication (additional verification questions)
  • Email verification phrase set by you to ensure that any emails sent from them are legitimate
  • Display of your name, IP address, date, time, brower, operating system and country of last login
  • Private and public computer settings
  • And more I’m sure!

Now that I have used it a bit, I love the features of the mitto interface. Initially I had a difficult time getting my personal email address to work, and was not sure that I could use Mitto, but Arsen at found my Twitter review and worked dilligently that same day to correct the issue. I don’t currently use Mitto, instead I opted for Wallet (view my review) that is a desktop application on my Mac. However, I do think it is a good option for a free, secure online password storage tool.

What other password options have you used? I’d love your input.

3 thoughts on “Review of Free Online Password Storage Tools:

  1. Hi there.

    At Mitto, we are currently working on a feature that will allow users to securely export( or list ) their password information. We take security and privacy very seriously, and as such each of our features is carefully designed and tested to ensure the highest standards of security. We want to make sure to design an export that requires you to enter additional information so that if someone were to walk over to your computer while you are taking a quick break, they can’t get quick and easy access to your passwords in the form of a list.

    As far as storing other information, the “Other” tab on the new services pages gives you some flexibility in adding information. For custom field names you would need to go to “Settings” menu once you’ve created a credential (located at the top right). Many of our users also use the “Notes” section to store other important information such as contact phone numbers, confirmation numbers, etc.

    Finally, if anyone does experience difficulty registering and confirming their email, please get in touch by using out contact form at We have thousands of email addresses successfully registered and confirmed across many domains, but if you are experiencing any problems, please let us know and we will investigate immediately.

    Arsen Ovanessoff, CEO
    Mitto – Your Safe and Secure Password Manager

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  2. I’ll need to add another “Pro” to the list: Excellent customer service. Thanks for the prompt notice and reply Arsen. I will contact someone to ensure I can get my email address verified.

  3. Work great till there’s a problem, then you get no support. Been waiting over a month for a reply. Moving to something else.

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