Review of Free Online Password Storage Tools:

Day 9: Review of Free Online Password Storage Tools: can be used to safely store your password and sensitive personal information online, generate secure passwords to use, as well as create passwords for one time use. The purpose of one time use passphrases are if you are concerned about using a public computer where there may be spyware or adware that could steal your login information. You can store web passwords, wallet data like bank account and credit cards and create your own custom ‘cards’.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • Free
  • Direct login configuration and browser ‘bookmarklet’ tool to easily and quickly use your passwords while browsing on the internet
  • Import and Export of your passwords securely
  • Password generator (that’s helpful!)
  • It lets you delete your account completely
  • One time use passwords


  • Initially I was confused by the navigation of the site, I didn’t realize that a “card” referred to any type of password/data. My bad, sorry about that.
  • Folders or sorting of your ‘cards’ / passwords would be helpful
  • You cannot yet share information with trusted people in your family, etc, but this is coming soon

I especially like the the feature that it lets you delete your account entirely. For the type of industry they are in with security and privacy being the most important feature, this makes a lot of sense.

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    Main features are:
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    – Share your data with friends
    – Multi-factor authentication

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