Review of Free Online Password Storage Tool:

Review of Free Online Password Storage Tools:

Passpack has been around since 2006 and appears to be a very popular option online. Their approach is very interesting. They allow you to select the security level that you want to store your password information at from “single” lock to “triple” lock. This refers to the encryption levels that you want your data stored at. Single lock is good for logins that you do not have any personal information stored at, where as double lock is used for an added layer of security, and triple lock is the most encrypted for personal information storage. The only negative to encrypting your information with the higher triple lock is that it may take a little longer when you login places to “unlock” your password information.

Rating: ★★★½☆


  • Up to 100 passwords are free, annual fee therafter
  • Browser ‘button’ for one click login to many websites
  • Allows import/export of your info
  • Desktop and offline options
  • Password generator
  • One time use logins
  • Allows secure sharing of your passwords with individuals you trust
  • Allows you to securely send private messages to people you trust
  • “Clean your pack” option will clean up your tags, and erase duplicate entries
  • They’ve released their own open source api to allow others to build and improve upon the interface (always cool!)


  • The format for passwords is the same no matter what type of password it is, it isn’t separated out by type, ie credit card, wifi network, etc. I liked that feature better in for my purposes.
  • I wish it were free for a few more than 100 passwords, maybe 250 🙂

Its inevitable for me that I would need to upgrade to a paid subscription, I’ll have well over 100 passwords quickly. The upgrade costs are written in pounds, but you can do the math! The next level up at 1000 passwords would do it for me, and would equate to about $20 a year.

Overall, Passpack would be a very good choice for your password storage, but I am glad that I am trying out many of these tools, as some features of one may appeal more than others depending on your priorities for type and amount of passwords that you want to store.

View a Video about Passpack:

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