Sometimes its Okay to Lose Focus

photo by Ravenelle

Day 15: Williams, CEO of Twitter and creator of Blogger Says that Losing Focus Can Lead to Good Things

My largest issue with life is always finding balance, staying on track and not losing focus. I have so many roles, mom, web producer, wife, friend, daughter, and so little time. And when I do get inspired I tend to vere off in many directions. Never an expert in everything, always interested in many things.

That same “problem” is proving true with my quest for financial freedom. I could research investments, budget my money, organize and come up with great business ideas all day. And not to mention, blog about them. The positive energy is a good thing. Its better than putting my hands up and saying, “I’ll never get it done, so why try?”

Nonetheless, it was refreshing to hear that even one of today’s most successful poeple struggles with the same issues of losing focus and finding balance. And sometimes, as it did for him, it actually pays off.

Evan Williams, the man that started Blogger and Twitter, said his largest problem with failed businesses in the past was losing focus. In fact, he said that both Blogger and Twitter were off-shoots of a business, not the business he was intending to run.

How do you stay on focus?

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