Financial Ignorance and Conspiracy of the Rich

Day 16: Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich

Robert Kiyosaki, author of, Rich Dad Poor Dad took a new approach with his current book. He’s releasing chapters of his latest book, Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money, online — for free and asked for input and interaction. Its now available in full for purchase.

I find this very refreshing, and I’ve read that it has been widely accepted and generates a lot of interest and response. What a cool way of integrating the online channel, social media, and a general desire to help people.

Since then, he is now in the process of writing a book, “The Four Main Causes of Negative Emotions”, and is posting some of this on his Conspiracy site as well.

I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, but didn’t know what to think about investing in real estate given the current economy. I’ll be buying this book to read and reflect on.

On his site, he starts by discussing the political and economic climate of America that led us to where we are today.

He goes on to suggest how imperative it is that youth (and everyone) is educated about the difference between taxes, debt and inflation. He believes that truly understanding this will allow you to make better financial decisions for your life.

8 Rules of Money

The beginning of the book defines the 8 Rules of Money – in terms of the “Conspiracy” or Old Rules and New Rules.

For example: Old Rule: Save Money. New Rule: Spend. Don’t Save. Rich people know that you can’t make money by saving it slowly. You have to invest it.

Old Rule: Diversity. New Rule: Control Your Money.
Invest for cash flow, not for capital gain. He says a new rule is to Focus Your Mind and Money. Not diversity. (What does this mean? No idea… Yet.)

A Great Excerpt from his Online Book

“‘Is the love of money the root of all evil?’ I say no. I believe it is evil to keep people in the dark, ignorant about the subject of money. Evil occurs when people are ignorant of how money works, and financial ignorance is an essential component of the conspiracy of the rich.”

He also states that investing blindly in stocks and your 401K is an old system and will not work.

I believe up until two weeks ago, I fell into the category of the “financially ignorant”. It got me no where, feeling stuck, lost and frustrated. I wouldn’t say I know that much yet, but it is a journey after all, and it’s only been 2 weeks!

Does anyone have any thoughts on Kiyosaki’s site and new books?

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  1. Hi Ariel, great site and I really liked your explanation of T Harv Eker’s jar concept.

    Re: Kiyosaki’s advice – “Invest for cash flow, not for capital gain. He says a new rule is to Focus Your Mind and Money. Not diversity. (What does this mean? No idea… Yet.)”

    … what did he mean by this?

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