Review of Wallet for Mac: Desktop Password Storage Tool for Mac & iPhone

Acrylic has made an excellent Mac or iPhone password storage tool: Wallet

Just when I thought I was done, I found a great desktop app for password storage. The catch? Its only for a Mac or iPhone… (Sorry PC users, you’ll have to stick with or alternatives).

If you aren’t a PC user, Wallet presents a really nice interface for secure password storage on your Mac or iPhone.

Acrylic - Wallet_1257994120624Rating: ★★★★★

Cost: $20 for Mac $4.99 for iPhone App

Compatibility: Mac OS X or iPhone


  • Can sync with your mobileme account
  • Simple, user friendly
  • Search feature, alphabetizes entries, custom folders and icons
  • You can export for CSV to print or to a database to import elsewhere
  • Password generator


  • As opposed to an online version, you won ‘t have easy access to your logins if you don’t have an iPhone and aren’t near your computer.
  • Slightly hard to figure out how to delete entries
  • I wish I could copy the passwords directly without having to open up an entry

This is it, this is the tool for me!

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