The Infamous Kirby Vacuum Trust Buster Alert

Trust Busted! Do People Still Get Tricked Into The Kirby Vacuum Sales Pitch?

Kirby Vacuums Scam or Not?Apparently, yes.

If it is 8:30 on a Thursday night, raining heavily and very dark out, a young man rings your door bell, and offers you a “FREE” pack of Kleenex or a box of baking soda, your best response should always be: “Thanks, but I’m not interested.” Slam.(The best was I took the Kleenex from the guy, then said I wasn’t interested and he asked for the Kleenex back.)

Honestly, I personally don’t care if they have the best product in the world and it is worth the huge price tag, the sales pitches that I have received from the door-to-door salespeople from Kirby have been just plain scammy.

In the past 2 years that I have lived in my house, despite my “No Soliciting” sign, I have received numerous sales pitches, 2 of which have included the Kirby vacuum salesman.

As a Kirby Salesman Your Strategy is Simple:

1) Confuse and catch someone’s attention before they slam the door in your face by offering them something for free

2) Do everything you can to get into their house and “demonstrate” your vacuum, emphasize all the cool features and terms

3) Prey on the person’s emotions and make him/her feel guilty and obligated. For example,  say that you are going to get fired if you don’t make the sale or beat up by your boss, etc.

Many of us want to trust in the decency of businesses and other people. I’ve learned that quite often, especially in difficult economic situations, that’s not always possible. Consumer’s have to put their guard up and fight to ensure that they are treated fairly with many businesses.

Kirby Vacuum Scam

Kirby Vacuum Scam

I personally have been scammed quite a few times in the last few years, and I’ll be documenting all of my mistakes on this blog. In fact, I just got scammed a few weeks ago, unwillingly in a few minute phone call from my “friendly” credit card company, Bank of America.

The lesson we have to learn is people have to earn your trust. This is why I loved the book Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust by Chris Brogan. It talks about people having to earn trust, not try to  con or scam or cheat their way to get it.

The bottom line is this: I don’t ever want to buy a vacuum that costs $2,000 from someone who uses unethical sales tactics to trick consumers into making bad purchases. And neither should you.

Just a Few Kirby Scam Resources:

The practice of unethical sales techniques has got to end some day. Trust-worthy businesses have got to succeed. Consumers have got to stand up for themselves in whatever forum works. Currently, it seems that YouTube and online social channels provide a great forum for this, but you have to create quite an upset to be heard.

4 thoughts on “The Infamous Kirby Vacuum Trust Buster Alert

  1. It’s an amazing vacuum. They just left my house 5 minutes ago…I didn’t buy but was very impressed by the vacuum cleaner. It’s not worth 2500.00….I would never spend that kind of money on the vacuum but it is awesome!! These people are no different than a car salesman or any other salesman. They are trying to make a buck but scammers they are not. If you don’t think it’s worth 2500.00 I totally agree with you, but calling them scammers because they are trying to make a sale…I wouldn’t necessarily call them scammers because of it.

  2. Do not listen to the Kirby pitch, do not let them is your home or take a job from them. They always like to compare it to selling cars, the fact remains that car salesmen do not barge in your door, they don’t lie about who they are, you go to them and the price sticker is on the window. Why do you Kirby people like to say Kirby salesemen people just trying to make a sale and it does not mean they are untrustworthy. Does anyone think that all sales people are just hard working people trying to make a sale, I think that would free a lot of people from jail then. Including a few Kirby salesmen who did not have a permit. These people are not to be listened to they are filling the internet insulting people who speak up about them. Stay far far away, if you have to question if it is a scam, it is!

  3. Definitely a scam. I just agreed to financing a Kirby last night after having three people take over my home for over three hours. Unfortunately I did not do my research before singing the contract and come to find out that the “new machine” i purchased was manufactured in 2002! Thanks to the three day grace period my husband and I are working on cancelling the transaction.

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