Review of Free Online Money Management Tool: moneyStrands

moneyStrands Free Online Budgeting and Money Management Software

Money Strands

The last in my series of online budgeting evaluations, moneyStrands, provided by Strands Labs, Inc. (developed social recommendation and personalization technologies), combines a modern approach to personal finance with widget style designs, and a personalize virtual spokesperson, Monica. Its a secure and free online tool, and auto-imports your accounts.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • Customizable dashboard for RSS feeds and other interests
  • Printable PDF summary (I love this feature, even though simple, a lot of other tools don’t allow you to print!)
  • iPhone App
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Ability to customize your categories
  • Community options to share and discuss with others, compare your spending with other people that have similar habits to yours


Money Strands

  • For the way my mind works, it was hard to know what some of the icons were for, and how to find what I was looking for
  • A lot going on, too much information unrelated to budgeting, saving and investing. Why would I want to have retail offers if I am interested in saving and budgeting? This product must be geared at a demographic that wants more than just money management
  • In my opinion, the boxy widget style design is not as user friendly as other tools such as Mint or Thrive

Overall, moneyStrands has a lot of functionality for a free tool that may appeal to many people. For me personally, I am not interested in the format of thier special offers for retail stores, credit cards, or tips and I don’t particularly like the design of the widget format, or the icons that they use. I want SIMPLE and to the point, and this interface does not offer that.

For Your Reference: Here’s another nice review and how to:

Check it out for yourself and see what you prefer.

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