Simple Approach to Change: Assess, Aquire and Apply

Assess Aquire Apply

I recently took a leadership development class at my job that focused on developing others. It applied a very simple 3 step process: assess, aquire and apply to the concept of developing others.

I related to this concept on a more general level of the process to change in general, because I find that there would be value in making conscious decisions about what stage we are at in the process of learning and applying knowledge to our lives. Putting some structure around my process towards financial freedom will help me focus my efforts.

A key point that was made is that this is a circular process was that you have to keep re-evaluating and assessing, acquiring and applying your knowledge. Once you apply, you have to go back and assess where you stand.

What  I liked about this concept is how it can be used as a tool to structure almost anything you are wanting to learn about or do in your life.


Make a list and seek out the people, leaders, books, articles, blogs and groups that you want to learn from.


Spend the time, process what you learn, and truly try to absorb and evaluate the good and bad of what you find. This is where I tend to lose focus. I read a little before quickly moving on to my next topic or trying to apply it without all of the necessary tools.


When you feel like you have the knowledge, its very important to try to apply it, at least at some level, right away. One of the top reasons for losing information and knowledge is that it isn’t applied to your life soon enough to really get value or absorb.

I’ve been starting to document where I’m at in this process with different topics, and it has helped me to gain focus on what I want to do next.  Right now, a lot of my “Apply” phase is going to be geared around small, simple, but progressive HABIT changes. Making sure that I am monitoring my budgeting, setting up my financial accounts and contributing, even a very small amount to them.

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