Is It Possible to Make Money On Your Website or Blog?

make money online?Is It Truly Possible to Make Money from Ads?

Beyond my current income source and knowledge (web User Interface Design, Content Management, SEO and Online Ads), I admit that I do not have all the knowledge and expertise to make money online. In the end, I’m tempted to believe that its nearly impossible to make any sort of significant income from ads on your blog or website. Or if you do, it can be at the expense of solid design and usability, which I’m personally not okay with.

Instead, the most successful online business models focus on:

  1. Developing a solid business plan with a unique, targeted offering – “free”-mium tends to work well these days
  2. Work with others – You need to get other experts to help
  3. Invest your own or other’s money into development – its nearly impossible to do anything significant without pouring some dough into it
  4. Use social tools, SEO and the works to get your product out there. Don’t disregard traditional marketing channels

From my experience so far, this blog and my use of social media has offered me a way to connect with other like-minded people, focus my efforts, keep me on track, and helped to refine my writing skills.

All that being said, the following list offers some great starting points as to whether it is or is not possible to make and earn money online.

Resources for How to (or How Not to) Make Money Online with Your Website or Blog

Please let me know of others and I will add them to this list.

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