Why You Might Want to Start a Brick and Mortar Business

brickWe are in the age of the next .com era. There is practically limitless opportunity with the internet for business success. You “just” have to find your niche, and break a few rules in terms of doing something unique.

Initially, since I started this journey, I’ve been very interested in the concept of doing an online business further than what I have done so far with my consulting and job. That is what I have been mulling over and researching.

Look the Other Way

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized something. More and more people are doing as much shopping as they can online. The trend will only continue that way. So, the natural progression is for people to offer online offerings. So, what if, during the time that everyone is looking one way, you, the new business starter, look the other way?

What if in the future “brick and mortar” is going to be a key area of opportunity for the RIGHT products because everyone else is so focused online for everything else?

Its obvious why you would want to start up a business online as your up front costs are much less, overhead and ongoing costs are significantly less, etc.

But I’m not actually interested in doing something easy or cheap. Of course those factors affect me, a lot. But what I’m more interested in is finding a path for my life that would involve doing something worthwhile. I want to live a life with out regrets. And for me that means finding and starting a business that is good for me and my values as well as something that will be wildly successful.

Online Still Matters

I plan to have an online element to my business, as every successful business these days has to have many channels and offerings that it serves. However, for what I want to do, online is not the best option. In fact, the business model I have in mind is focused on in person options, sort of like Starbucks is.

Now, I’m not going to blog about what my business is going to be, as I don’t want to speak to soon. As soon as I actually launch the business and get my t’s crossed and i’s dotted, I will blog about it. However, I have come up with a few ideas, and the general area of where we want to focus our efforts. I can say, though, that its a product. Probably no surprise there.

What’s Next

My next steps are product development and business education. I’ll be starting an LLC or a Corporation of some sort, and I want to make sure I do it right. I want to take the right precautions, ask the right questions and follow the right steps. At the moment, I have a huntch, but I don’t really know, so I’ve bought some books on how to start a business. I reserved my domain name, and checked the trademarks on the name that I’ve come up with. I’m not 100% certain that I have the exact idea nailed down yet, but its helpful to think about the idea itself to keep motivated and excited.

I already have a business right now, its a sole proprietor business though. I’ve heard that LLC’s are great, but I’m not certain that that is right for us without reading up.

This is not an immediate plan, but it something that me and my husband are excited about and committed to, and that was missing in my life up until now. I didn’t have something to motivate me for the future that I could latch onto. It feels good to have a general direction. I know that it will change in one way or another, as my life always does, but that’s okay as long as I focus on my ultimate goals. I didn’t use to believe that everything happens for a reason, but I do now and finding this new idea is part of that reason.

The difference between who I was before and who I am now is that I am determined to use the direction and ideas of my life to move to action, rather than just thinking, “What If?”

Is there a business that you want to start? What’s stopping you?

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