Practical Gifting for Friends & Family

Not long ago, I admit that I wanted lots of “things” for birthday and holiday gifts. It is really nice to get something that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy yourself for the holidays such as lotions, electronics, books, etc.

practical giftingLately I’m a big fan of practical gifts. When you are on a tight budget, things that may once have seemed normal to spend money on such as socks, nice shampoo, getting your hair done, going to the car wash, etc, are all pushed out and minimized. What once seemed like a norm to purchase has become a luxury.

For my birthday this year, I asked my parents for a gift card to a hair salon. I just got back today and am very pleased with my do. I couldn’t think of a better gift, as I really can’t make myself justify spending the money myself, but I really, really want to get my hair done every 4 or so months.

I have had a difficult time taking care of my ‘wants’ vs. ‘needs’ list since I have had a child and we are only on my income. However, it is so great to have those things that I have had to let go be given to me on occasion.

So What’s a Practical Gift?

If you are still searching for a meaningful gift for the holidays for your family or loved ones, I suggest something creative-ly practical such as:

  • A full service car wash
  • Contribution to someone’s specfic savings funds
  • A gift card for a restaurant + offer to baby sit
  • Gas card gift certificate or auto maintenance service
  • Gift card to their hair salon
  • Gift card to a specialty grocery store
  • Some of their favorite, but expensive snacks such as nuts, dried berries, etc

Any other creative but practical gifts that you can think of?

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One thought on “Practical Gifting for Friends & Family

  1. One of my favorite practical ways around gifts is to do something together. Instead of trying to figure out some trinket or little thing to get each person I like to get together and go out for dinner or drinks or something. It feels like a splurge to have a nice dinner but in the end it’s probably cheaper than if I bought each person a gift. Plus the time we get to spend together is the really fun part now that our lives are all so busy.

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