Lesser Known But Great Personal Finance Blogs of 2010

I’m new-ish to the personal finance/weathly mind blogging and as much as I like some of the hugely known PF blogs I enjoy reading from perspectives of ‘smaller’ PF bloggers because they aren’t necessarily experts, but instead on a similar journey to mine. I thought I would share some of the interesting personal finance blogs that I have found so far for you to check out yourself:

  • Automatic Finances – Writes about saving, ‘automating’ your finances so you don’t have to worry about certain things, personal finance and spending. I liked a recent post about how to follow the entire personal finance blogosphere through sites like Tip’d and PFBlogs.com
  • Frugal Zeitgeist – Writes about saving, setting goals, finding happiness, and the realities of life with debt. Having just recently educated myself about what zeitgeistism (if that’s a word) even is, I am intrigued to learn more of what he has to say.
  • Fiscal Fizzle – This blog offers a ‘spicy’ and very educated perspective on personal finance. He has a unique perspective of discussing principles, simplicity, critical thinking and ‘money paradigms’, or thinking of money through different perspectives. I recently found this blog and am very impressed.
  • FreeFromBroke – A very honest perspective on saving, raising a family, and affording life.
  • SteadfastFinances – Covers a lot of topics from banking to frugal living and real estate. Very insightful writer.

These are just a few fun ones to check out. Let me know what other blogs are growing in popularity in the personal finance world. Or better yet, submit your PF blog to me to check out!

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