Business Electronic File Cabinet: Review of is an amazing site that helps you de-clutter your paper mess, mainly geared towards small and mid to large sized businesses. For a sole proprietor like myself, this is seriously useful!

In a nut shell, you send your receipts (and anything you need to keep documented for tax purposes, etc) to them in pre-paid secure envelopes. They scan them and file and categories them for you. You can manage your categories and get reports on your receipts online.

A while back, I wrote an article for Wisebread on how to go entirely paperless at home. Though these guys are geared at business, its equally useable for home-based paper and clutter elimination! Another great step in the way to getting more organized and reducing your paper piles and file cabinets crammed full of receipts that you can’t find! I highly recommend this tool, so I am including their banner ad on my site for a while for you to give it a try (free trial). Their pricing is free for the limited version, and goes up according to how many receipts and the usage you need. - Scan Receipts and Business Cards

It also works well with Evernote for managing your online files.

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