365 Days Marks 1 Year in My Journey Towards Financial Freedom

The above are some of the most popular posts from the last 365 days of my journey towards financial freedom.

It is amazing to me that is has been 365 days since I have started my quest towards financial education and ultimately, financial freedom.

What have I learned?

  1. I have to make a continuous commitment, at minimum weekly if not multiple times a week to do something to better my financial knowledge or take action to improve my personal finances
  2. There will always be hurdles in getting to my goals, but tracking progress with them and plugging away will get me closer to them every day.
  3. I should not make assumptions about my finances. I assumed that I could not quit my FT job b/c I wouldn’t find health coverage. That was wrong. I assumed that I would never be able to retire, but after looking at some of my better investment choices, I’ve decided there might be a glimmering hope for retirement one day.
  4. Despite the difficulty motivating myself to do something so boring, I want to continually improve my knowledge of taxes, inflation and investing.
  5. Overall, I’ve learned that life will only get more complicated, and its essential to have your finances manageable to have a chance at staying ahead in today’s world. I know that I will not be financially free immediately, but I am conscious about making the right decisions with my money, job, and choices to ensure that one day, this goal will be achievable for me.


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