Financial Mistakes, and What I’ve Learned

Today, I’m on this site to clean it up and remove a lot of old posts that are no longer relevant. That includes app sites that I reviewed that have gone under, as well as tools or investment options that I tried out that I thought would work, and haven’t.

So, there you have it. I’ve tried, failed and learned from my mistakes. In other words they aren’t failures if I’ve learned at a reasonable young age and moved forward with new perspectives.

I’m removing my posts about Whole Life Insurance, with its measly 4% dividends, I’m super un-impressed and admit my folly there. I’m removing posts about Lending Club, while you can still earn a reasonable return (I averaged $10.5%), it is so immensely risky, I lost a ton of money on it. Thankfully, they have a reseller market so you can liquidate your funds there.

Overall, while I have learned about finances during this journey, I have also gotten lost more than once in finding my way, and returning back to it because of the need to pay bills. I have learned to budget, I have learned to be more organized, but I have also learned that if you focus TOO much of your energy on money and if your motivator is from that place, you will not find the inner peace or the financial security you seek. You will only find those things authentically by looking inward and moving confidently forward with a path that is truly aligned with your values.

One thing that I can say though, is that I am still not feeling confident about my investment choices. I am still nervous that the personal financial planner that I have will not understand my needs to find alternate investments beyond the stock market in the US. I don’t trust the current world’s systems for investment, and I really want other options for just reasonable returns on my retirement savings, but I also don’t want to think about them right now. What I want to think about is how to spend my precious resource of time on creating great things for the world.

And so, I take my first tentative step in that direction. Creating my first app for iPhone, writing my fantasy book, and redirecting energy towards true and pure intentions.

Thank you to those few that follow this blog, I do not write on it frequently now, and only really keep it up because it marks a journey of self discovery that others still learn from.

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