Soul Driven Financial Freedom

It was back in 2009 that I started 365 and was committed to financial freedom. It seems as if that journey took a large pause while I tried just to play by the rules and ‘survive’ instead of thrive.

Right now, I’m nearly 35 years old and I have not turned my life into what I had hoped it would be when I started this blog a number of years ago. Despite the relatively fast uptick of interest with the blog, I trailed off and moved my time towards raising my daughters, working in corporate America and in the last four years getting a divorce (amiable) and learning about spirit and soul. My financial journey was not quite going the way I had hoped, but I was certainly caught up in a lot of other areas of education, service and growth.

Financially speaking, I have not taken all my learnings and applied them. I’ve been playing safe. While I’ve saved for retirement and college, and pay my monthly bills with ease, my soul is dying. I don’t mean that metaphorically or to sound woo-woo.

That’s not my thing. I want to thrive. While I have been in hiding the last few years in many ways, learning about healing my heart after divorce and heart break, it is now time to really re-invest in my future and my children’s future by focusing on financial freedom again.

I believe that I am meant to feel free inside and this means finding new and exciting ways to share my stories and my learnings with the world. There’s no better day to restart than today.

Over the time that I first created this blog, I read many books and blogs about investments, online business models and the like. In my career I have learned about the Lean Startup and various ways of creating value for others. I felt conflicted between what felt like a dichotomy of service and self-care. Helping the world and savoring life. What I have realized is that my soul knows how to do both. I have enough talents and an endless pool of creativity inside of me that will help me navigate new options for investments and business ventures. I will not start something simply because of its potential ‘cash flow’, instead I’ll use a system to help myself create a soulful life of financial success.

When I started this blog, I thought I needed to be financially free with passive income to then do what my heart desired.

I’ve realized I had it all wrong. I need to create things from my soul and then earn income in various ways through that means. Multiple income sources, some passive some from deep labors of love. And all while testing their value and success with others before investing too much time and energy into any one thing.

This is the way of the Lean Soul Based Business. And this is what I will follow.

How does one find a soul fulfilling business that helps people without wasting time and effort?

I’d like to develop a canvas or scale for this but the gist of it for now is the following.

Criteria for testing ideas before “Doing”:

1. Does this idea feed my soul (my why, my strengths and talents, unique gifts, creative genius, native genius, joy)

2. Does this serve others? (assumed answer, tested through asking others and lean startup principles)

3. Effort scale (include how much effort to get started and market this)

4. Potential income (ways to earn money and estimates on how much)


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