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New Quest: Your territory has been invaded kill or make the enemies run away]

{Quest reward; 80 Exp per defeat}

"Well, thats something!" He murmured.

After six years of training different fighting techniques, it was safe to say that Nico had confidence on his reflexes. He had been on the same ring with different fighters. Some older, some much more muscular than him but he defeated them all and obtain trophies, leveling up and obtained different karate belts.

Defeating some no-bodies won be difficult. He thought while planing how to deal with the intruders on his mansion. This was the place he grew up and understand every conner perfectly making it easy to come up with some few tricks on his mind.

But, getting out of where he was standing was a problem. He tried to turn around but found himself being drown to the spilled blood from the dead drive on the floor.

Without realizing it, he took a step after a step and stop right on the drivers dead body and bend down to the drivers neck while looking at the flowing blood using his red glowing eyes.

He found himself brushing the blood on the floor using his index finger and brought it close to his mouth that four fangs had shoot out.

Just when he was about to lick it, he felt something brushing against the winds while moving toward him. Using his reflexes, he twister his body to the side and the arrow missed him and hit the wall.

After that, the gun shots were heard from outside that made him to run back in the house to hide and using his improved hearing sense, he heard some footsteps coming in to the building.

Taking advantage of his familiarity with the mansion, he ran to the mansions main power switch and cut off the power.

His heart melted with joy after realizing he could see perfectly through the darkness, although the vision was a little bit red or something bloody, he could differentiate everything perfectly.

Something else was bothering him, the scent of the blood on his finger, he brought the hand to his mouth and lick the blood feeling something sweat than anything he had ever tasted in his entire life.

[ Blood group A has been consumed]

[Free stat granted to agility]

Nico didn pay any attention to the system message at the moment. His focus was on defeating those that wanted him them and maybe fetch some information of why and if they were somehow connect to his mothers death.

Focusing on different types of footsteps, Nico counted the total number of intruders to be three. The way they were walk making les noises made Nico realized that they weren just some nobodys as he expected.

The movement could only be made by persons with high level of training, either the members of military or well trained assassins.

Waiting for them to head on a separate ways, Nico chose the one that was heading to the kitchen and slowly followed him behind and closed the door behind him locking the two if them inside.

The man turned quickly with the sound of a closing door. He gulped heavily when his flashlight landed on a person with red glowing eyes panic written on his face hidden behind a mask.

Before he could do anything, Nico kicked the pistol and the flashlight making it to fall on the floor and start to spin around making it look like there was some disco lights in the house.

He throw his hand and punched the man on the face making him to fall on the floor. Just when he was about to run towards him and knock him out with his best and strong move, the man opened his palm, pointed at Nico and a yellow fireball shot from it at a massive speed aiming at Nicos face.


[5 Hp lost]

Nico was hit and send flying back to the wall.

"Ability user!" He shouted in surprise.

"No, its a warlock." The man corrected him while dashing towards him with fire burning on his hands.

While struggling to stand, his hands landed on a fork that he picked on his arms in desperately.

The man who claimed to be a warlock swinged his right punch aiming at Nicos face that he side step and twisted his head to the side making the punch to miss him.

He swung his other fist that Nico ducked with easy then using the fork on his hand stubbed the man on the chin and left the fork their as he step back.

He saw the man gritting in pain while pulling off the fork ft from his chin and throw it down. But, it was as if had pissed the man big.

The aura coming from the man completely changed. It become strong, strong to the point where it caused difficulties on Nicos breathings.

The yellow flames on his hands changed to a crimson burning flames making the temperature in the kitchen to rise at a rapid speed.

"Youuuu!" The mans deep voice boomed in the kitchen."...Im gonna kill you for this!" He shouted with his index finger pointed at Nico.

Meanwhile, the other two that had headed to a different direction came back after hearing some commotions in the kitchen. They kicked in the kitchens door and saw their colleague ranning towards Nico and throw his fist aiming at Nicos head.

"He is gonna kill him!" One of those that had just entered the kitchen said to himself with both of his hands on his head. " Hecate will kill us for this!"

Nico was about to block the punch but its agility increased with fire shooting from the warlocks elbow.

[Quest failed]

Those were the last thing he saw before he fall unconscious.

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