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I was summoned to another world, but I abandoned my hero mission Chapter 4

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I was on the ground, leaning my back against a tree, blood everywhere, and one of my legs was completely crushed. For some reason, my mist comes out of the destroyed leg.Well, it shouldn be so bad as to make my current situation worse.

-Damn, how did the situation get this bad?


I decided to keep flying, I didn think it would be good to draw attention by descending from the sky on a giant black sword.I would probably go on and on until I got tired, then stop in some forest.

It was already dark, and for some reason, I wasn tired at all, not even hungry or thirsty, after flying all day.I must be far from any big city right now, but Im not sure.For the same reason that I am not conspicuous, I am flying above the clouds, which means very little view of the ground below.

What I could see was that I must have passed through a big desert a few hours ago, but I didn pay attention, since there can be anything interesting in a desert.

Theres not much to do, maybe my new power gives me more stamina, and Im not tired for that reason.I guess Ill just keep flying and see what happens.Maybe this fantasy world is flat land, and I reach the edge, you never know what I might find there.

And thinking that way, two whole days passed

I never thought it would be so bad not to get tired

-Right right, damn it, Im going down, I don care anymore if theres a city there or not

My sword starts to point downwards, and with enormous speed I start to descend. If someone were watching from afar, they could even see a black line descending through the sky, like a meteor.

BOOM,the earth shook with a great crash, I could very well go down slowly, but I didn want to, maybe because I was irritated from staying up there so long. Man I don want to fly for a long, long time

I was a little sore from the fall, but nothing too serious I guess.I checked for damage on my body,I took my sword from the ground, and decided to look around

-Eh, is it a forest? well,thats what i was looking for

I start to walk a little way, but I realize how difficult it is to get around in a dense forest, then a stupid idea comes to mind.

-I can try to break through with my sword

I fill the blade with energy, and slash towards the plants getting in my way.

-oh, I think I need to control it right

In this game I ended up cutting at least 3 trees in front of me, so I decided to just keep cutting the plants (without powering up this time) as if nothing had happened. I thought I felt a little itch on the back of my neck, but I let it go.

Walking for about 20 minutes, I arrive at a clearing, where I can finally see a little bit of sky and…

-What the hell is that?!

Something I didn see while falling. Well, when I fell, I didn see anything, my eyes were closed because of the air pressure on my face. Far away from here, there was something bizarre, a kind of gigantic pyramid,probably two or three times the size of the Pyramid of Quéops,in Egypt.

But it wasn made of sand, looking from here it looked like some kind of white marble, or metal, Im too far away to have any idea.Also, it doesn have a perfect pyramid shape, it looks like some kind of temple, like an aztec pyramid

To be honest Im very curious, but I guarantee something will happen if I get too close. In a fantasy world like this, this thing is not normal, besides, its right in the corner of the world, far from any civilization. Who would build something like this here

I don think theres anything else to do so I decided to keep walking through the forest, towards that weird pyramid.

It took a few more minutes, but I finally arrived at a large open area that surrounded the pyramid, and from here I could see better, it was really a kind of temple. There were arches at the entrance, and a beautifully decorated pathway.

And from here I could already see something at least creepy, two statues, similar to giant golems.These things were at least 20 meters high each, and there were two in total, one on each side of the entrance. Its already obvious that these monsters will move as soon as I get close, Im not stupid at all.

-Damn, I don think theres anything to do, Im going to approach

And I did, I started walking, and for every arch I passed, I felt a strange vibration. Maybe it was sensors that detect intruders, or maybe not, since those things haven activated yet.

Standing in front of the door and among the golems, all I see is a strange pattern on that gigantic door.It has letters I can make out, and several bright lines spread out from the center of the door, where theres a small, flat space.

My first thought was to touch it, maybe it was some magical fingerprint sensor. But nothing happened

-The voice said that my energy works like magic power in this world, maybe if I spill a little…

Crack, a noise coming from my hand.The sensor just cracked, maybe I put too much power.Anyway, the statues that had been standing and watching me until now spoke

-Temple damage detected, initiate threat containment

Damn, if I had just clapped my hands, maybe someone would have opened and this wouldn have happened...

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