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As we snuck out of the castle I saw something and whispered rather loudly

"Stop!" they all looked at me confused before they saw what I saw.

There before us was a man in his mid-30s, about 64 he had blonde hair and a

Beard, his face looked handsome and his blue eyes kind, he wore dark clothing

and looked kinda emo. Emily and Percy froze after seeing him and he saw them

and made eye contact with them saying "finally my children are back!" opening

his arms to hug them "you completed your mission I presume?" he asked

everyone but the twins looked extremely confused. "What mission? Whats going

on? Who is he and why is he calling you his kids?" Jules asked in the calmest

tone she could pull off Emily and Percy looked at the Ground ashamed "hes our

dad….." Emily said quietly Percy nodded "They retrieved you for me" the man

Said "I am Ragnhild, creator of the thinning and labyrinth. A dark silence

covered the room as we all stared at the tractors with a new form of hatred and

disbelief. Me and Jules risked everything to save them! And they stabbed us in

the back and they gave us away, to that monster, to ragnhild to the man

Who created this horrible thing that ruined so many lives. I stared at them

In shock and disbelief as My hand slipped into Juless without either of us

Noticing. I mouthed something to the camper people and they nodded.

Out of nowhere a wave exploded and hit Ragnhild pushing him back and

stunning then it Got turned into ice. We stood there gawking at what happened then

the Campers snapped us out of it. "Ice melts you know," frosty said we quickly

Nodded. "Hes right we need to get out of here as fast as we can" Jules said

Still holding my hand I nodded "shes right lets get out of here" Jules

Glanced at the twins with a pang of pity in her eyes. We locked eyes and

I nodded then said "Sarah Jason Emma and Leo can you get Emily and Percy?"

"Sure thing boss" Leo said "on it" Emma said "Right" said Jason "kay" said Sarah

With that Emma and Leo took Emily and Jason and Sarah took Percy.

"Now we run," I said as Frosty and Julia led the way out. As we were running I

noticed my hand in Juless and blushed slightly as my heart beat faster and let go

muttering an apology. In that moment I couldve sworn I saw her look

disappointed for a second and she too blushed and muttered "its…. Fine"

Apparently, we were going too slow so Leo looked behind himself as he was in

the front saying "you two lovebirds coming?" making us blush and hurry up,

though we glanced at each other now and then. A couple of hours later we

got in between a couple of mountains. "We can rest here for the night," Julia said

and we all agreed reluctantly though we were all thankful for the break we

wanted to keep going. We found a nice area and I assigned jobs to my group

whilst Julia and frosty set up stuff for their camp. Leo and Jason were sent to

gather fish and water from the river not far from camp. Sarah and Emma were to

watch the twins while me and Jules set up shelters and started a fire. It didn take

long to set up little tents out of bark mud leaves and grass for each person but it

took us a little longer to start a fire, so once it was done the sun was starting to

set, and we stared at it gawking. "Its been so long since Ive seen a sunset.." I

said "me too" she replied. The sunset looked amazing, with all sorts of colors all over the

sky with clouds that just seemed to dance across the sky. The blues reds

purples and yellows looked like a toddlers painting. Jules inched closer to me

and I pretended not to notice so shed come closer. Before I knew it we

Were shoulder to shoulder holding hands. I felt butterflies in my stomach,

I felt a strange feeling Id never felt before wondering what this strange

A new feeling is. Was it love? Was I in love? No, I couldn be in love. But I am…

Im in… love… I like Jules, I really do…. What should I say? What if she doesn

Feel the same? What if- I stopped myself I can think negative… otherwise how

would I say something- I probably looked bright red cause Jules asked "hey what

is it? Your beet red" "nothing!" I said rather quickly. A couple of seconds later her

hand slipped into mine and with the other hand, she booped my nose. "Hey!" I

said half-jokingly half actually wondering why she booped my nose. "cause- " she

stopped herself "Cause I li-" right as she was trying to finish Leo Jumped out of a

tree. "Just kiss already!" he said making us both blush. "I- uh- go away," she said

He smirked at us before leaving then she continued "I- uh- I kinda- I- Ive got a

secret to tell you" and she leaned over toward my ear then moved and kissed me

on the cheek making me so much redder. She pulled back also blushing and

then said "Im sorry- I- like you, more than a friend…" "I- think I do too" I replied

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